Edge-3D the most advanced 3D microscopes and microscope technology
edge 3d microscope

affordable 3d light microscope for industry biomedicine research and education

Why 3D? (real life is in 3D) 
- Increase industrial productivity
- Reduce misdiagnosis and misinterpretation
- See important depth information

- Computer controlled user-friendly interface
- Automated stacking = entire image in deep-focus 
- Real-time 3D viewing
- Outputs 3D rotational HD videos & photos
- Creates dynamic 3D models you control 
- Makes stereo anaglyph images & videos for 3D glasses
- Magnifications from 10x - over 1,000x
- Transmitted and reflected light
- The only microscope in the world that can do all of this! 

See clearer than ever with edge-3D!
laser printing on paper
Edge 3D microscopes produce 3D rotational videos
rotational motion prallax 3D video
Edge 3D microscopes create 3D models you can control in real time
3D model

Moon dust from Apollo 11
conventional microscopes only allow narrow portions of the subject to be in focus at a time Edge 3D microscopes allow full focus all at once
With Edge-3D microscopes the entire image can be in focus at once with deep-focus technology through computerized image stacking


The Edge-3D MICROSCOPE is a highly sophisticated digital 3D microscope with a wider variety of features than are found in expensive 3D confocal microscopes, and, for a fraction of the cost!